söndag 12 juli 2020

Da Swedish Mob

Da Swedish Mob. En klan som i mitt minne redan var gammal när jag började spela (februari '97). Mobbens gudfader Leon skrev så tidigt som i slutet på 1997 en runa över klanen:
"A long time ago, ie at the end of august 1996, i accidently surfed on to www.torget.se and read that speltorget had a quakeserver on the internet. I mailed some of my gamefanatic friends, (among them were Snake and Llama) telling them about this server.
We all logged on to the internet, and tried it out that very same evening. Prior to this, I had only played quake over an ipx network, in the forms of Qtest1 and the shareware version. At that time, though, I actually prefered Duke Nukem (shame on me ;) After having played Quake a couple of late evenings/nights in august, I was really starting to enjoy the game. I also met several good players on Torget and The Despair Institute (another server) - among them Cthulhu, Blaren, and Nerdkiller (notice how all of them later became mobsters)

It was after a couple of days of playing that I, together with Snake, came up with the idea of forming a quakeclan of our own. Our hope was to reach the top 5 of quakeclans here in Sweden. We had played against several members of those few clans that existed in Sweden at the time, and we weren't very scared of any of them (or so we thought)..."
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