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Stilguiden nummer ett – För ett oantastligt uppträdande när du gibbar. Lite som de allmänna internettipsen från valfri sekelskiftesgammal hemdatortidning.

Jag gillar speciellt tips nummer 13: "Don't exit levels as soon as possible". På den tiden när spelarna själva kunde varva runt banorna på t.ex. Passagens Deatmatch-servrar. Ofantligt irriterande med exit-jumpers.

Kul att de fanns, men den faktiska efterlevnaden av råden var det väl si och så med.

If you have been playing Quake, you probably already have been insulted, and taunted by premature Quake players. Perhaps they bother you; they can easily ruin your current game.

Unfortunately there's no cure for those immature brats, but there is hope: This page is designed to be their guiding light. Compiled list of rules: (NOTE: The rules are separated into topics above.)

1. Respect all other players equally, no matter how bad they play.

2. If you make taunting remarks, make sure that they are not offensive (especially not abusive language).

3. Do not whine. People will look down on you if you DO whine; it's okay to see people camping. Let them do what they want.

4. Your name should NOT, by all means, be offensive. A name like "F***er" might sound 'cool' to you, but to others it is annoying, offensive, and such.

5. Sometimes, players have more power in the server than to just play Quake; they may be able to kick you out. If you find someone offensive, try to notify the person with operational powers; more than likely they will kick the offender out of the game.

6. If possible try not to cuss. I said, 'try.' There are occaisions, such as when you lose your precious rocket launcher and what not, but try to keep it at a limit (especially if you are cussing at someone else!).

7. In Capture the Flag, NEVER crossdress. If you do, people will assume that you suck, because most crossdressers are bad Quake players who don't know how else to win. If you do crossdress, however, don't be surprised when everyone starts telling you to stop crossdressing, and starts insulting you: It's for a good cause.

8. Insulting others is only okay for some good cause; if, for example some loser starts cussing the heck out of all the top players you HAVE the right to start fighting back at the moron.

9. Unless you may have forgotten, Quake's main reason for being here is to have FUN. Ruining that atmosphere for everyone is equivalent to you going to an arcade center and start yelling at everyone, "F*** you a-holes!" (In another words, everyone will want to, and probably will, beat you down to pulp).

10. When in CTF, realize that it IS CTF. It's not regular deathmatch; don't keep shooting your own teammates. It might or might not waste their armor, and it can, whether or not it kills armor, make people VERY annoyed.

11. In teamplay MOD's, don't just shoot someone to "make sure who they are." This is very inappropriate, because in most servers it is set so the same team can damage each other's armor. This is especially bad if enemies are present. Thanks to DaMoose for this one.

12. As DaMoose and I have noticed, there are many idiots that think lobbing 100's of grenades at open spots are a good offense in teamplay servers; people hate this, because, even though it COULD potentially hit some enemy, chances are higher that the pineapples hit your teammates, and their good armor is destroyed. The ineffective defensive maneuver has hence a) Depleted the user's pineapple count, b)most definitely damaged many teammates' armor, and c)mayb killed one enemy on the way.

13. Don't exit levels as soon as possible, or as soon as you are bored with it. If everyone agrees to go to the next level, that's fine, but don't assume that everyone else hates this level as much as you and just leave. (unless you are playing "guard the exit") Of course, this doesn't apply to levels without exits and to games with noexit set. Thanks to Mr. Mustard for this etiquette rule.

14. In teamplay servers, don't hog all the ammo and weapons, be a team player and allow your teammates access. If you can afford it, throw ammo to anyone that has just respawned. Thanks to Ill Bixby for this etiquette tip.

15. One interesting piece of etiquette is the action of jumping ("hut, hut") to either get the teams spirits up (especially during a short breather when you're on defense and the opposition just won't stop coming) or to acknowledge a player for a kill, flag capture etc. This can also be used to notify flag carriers in CTF that you know how to go back to your base, when the carrier doesn't; it acts as a small communications thing. Thanks to Ill Bixby again, for this rule.

16. "If a game is entirely HPBs, and you enter as an LPB, it's considered polite to ask if it bothers anyone if you play. nothing clears a server faster than a rude LPB. I mean, hey, the HPBers (myself included) know you're lucky to have that kind of connection, and yes, we do envy you, but you don't have to be a weenie about it. remember, you can choose a lot more servers that give you acceptable ping than an HPB can." Thanks to Crash (of Crash's Quake Pages).

17. "if, when you join a server, you're immediately (within ten seconds) asked to leave, LEAVE. there might be something going on that you don't know about and that you're not a part of. also, remember that the person asking you to leave probably has the power to ban you from the server, so not only is it polite, it's prudent. if you must be on that server for whatever reason, spectate the game instead and wait." Thanks to Crash for this one, too.

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